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Easy & booking

GoForex has a smart online training booking system. Customers can for training events, pay and upload proof of payment.

guidance & mentorship

In GoForex training we help beginners with the best possible opportunity to make a success of Forex trading and build a profitable profile.

Formula to success

We intend to shorten the time, cost and pain required to reach your goal by training you on the formula to success in Forex markets.

GoForex is a movement that aims on empowering people about Forex Trading, by teaching people what really works and all the secrets and techniques of trading the markets. We have empowered many people with our strategy called the Major Key that was developed by one of our mentors and the strategy has changed many people's lives.

Our Team

Take a closer look into our amazing team.
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A young professional Forex Trader from Richards Bay, that is 24 years old, passion driven and who wishes to see everyone doing well in life through Trading Forex. Ashley studied I.T at Durban University of Technology and started trading Forex in his final year. He has been very consistent after developing a new technique for himself around May 2016 that works of which is called "The Major Key". He eventually decided to release his working strategy to the public after seeing his friends that he helped in 2016 doing extremely well in Trading Forex. Ashley and his team have helped many people with their trading careers and aim on taking the Major Key movement very far with the support from GFX Family.




Andile Tshona from Lusikisiki Eastern Cape is a mentor that also studied I.T at Durban University of Technology. Andile produced extreme results in his first week of trading after learning the secret key and has been consistent. After seeing many people that were struggling and consulting Ashley, Andile and others, they then decided to start the movement called "The Major Key" and it has produced outstanding results.


Opening Soon In Durban


Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday: Online Bookings Only
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